Find out more: Names of collections and article headings

The Name of the collection that appears in search results, thumbnails and records, is the name currently used in relation to a collector or an institutional collection. In order to clarify a mark’s status, in the case of a purchase, gift or bequest of a full collection, the name of the collector is added after that of the institution. This is done in order to respect historiography and to reflect the current state of knowledge on the attribution of a name to a mark.

All entries, old or new, are kept in the interests of enabling exhaustive searches.
The index thus includes:
- the former names of public collections as published by Lugt.
- the current names of public collections.
- the names of collectors to whom marks were once attributed or are currently attributed, or else who are the object of an attribution proposal.
- the mention Marque non identifiée (Unidentified mark) if no information has been found. If the mark contains text, whatever is legible is indexed.
- the mention Marque douteuse ou fausse (Suspicious or false mark) in the case of suspected hoaxes.

The current names of public collections are given in their original language, our reference being The International Directory of Arts, Munich, K.G. Saur Verlag, yearly edition.
The surnames of collectors are indexed with their usual first names.

The article heading includes the name of the collector and the name of the collection at the time of publication, followed as the case may be, by relevant dates, the collector’s profession, places of activity, etc.