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The integrity of the texts of Lugt’s historic volumes has been scrupulously respected. However, a few modifications have been necessary in order to transform the book content into computerised records. The modifications that have been made are the following:
- Regarding errata: deletion of page, column and line numbers; mention is made of errata in the following manner: [corr. suppl. 1921/1956 : (….)].

- Regarding the repetition of information: deletion of the supplements to the 1956 volume that identically reproduce the supplements at the end of the 1921 volume; mention is made of the deletion in the following manner: “le texte du supplément 1956 est identique au supplément de 1921” (the text of the 1956 supplement is identical to that of the 1921 supplement). If minimal differences occur in the supplement to the 1956 volume, they are underlined for greater clarity; more substantial modifications are transcribed as they appear in the volume in question.

- Regarding bibliographical references supplied by Lugt: they have been completed to facilitate their comprehension.

- Regarding cross-references from one volume to another, or from one mark to another in the case of a text common to several illustrations: bracketed addition of the Lugt numbers of the relevant marks.

- Regarding certain recurrent expressions: in the 1956 texts, deletion of expressions such as: “au volume principal et au présent supplement” (in the main volume and in the present supplement), or “déjà reproduite au volume principal” (already reproduced in the main volume).

- Regarding illustrations: deletion of doubles due to cross-referencing, in which case the text of references may be slightly modified so as to keep the scientific content only (generally, explanations on the different readings of the one mark). Deletion of inverted or poorly reproduced images, indicated in the supplements and replaced by new tracings.

- Regarding the Lugt number: systematic addition of “L.” in front of a reference to a Lugt number.

Insertion of a “sources” section, a “sources en ligne” section and a “bibliography” section at the end of articles in the 2010 supplements.

The abbreviation “Lugt. Rép.” designates: Frits Lugt, Répertoire des catalogues de ventes [...], 4 vols, The Hague-Paris 1938-1987.

Future updates will be signposted by a mention of their dates.